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Life is a way towards directly to death. We always want to see what if I have done or not done something what will I look like now? will I be happier will I live better?But maybe unsatisfied is not a state but a property of human being——u see even if Jerry has been a movie star and lived a life that everybody envies. He still has his pain and eager that can’t be fulfill in his own parallel life.

At first I find Chris hard to understand, and then I realize he has something I don’t have. Actually we have a lot in common. I just think that one can still live his ideal life in a society if he’s mentally free. Civilization is not that evil. At least philosophy and science help us better understand the world and make us live longer and healthier. Our mind can be free even though our body is trapped. I still want the truth, rather than money, fame, fairness and everything. I want to get along with fear and loneliness, since I know I’ll get a lot of them if I want to live a conscious life. In the movie, Chris says don’t try to be strong, feel strong. I understand his tears and agree with his idealism. I just think it’s better to be alive and live physically well to make those ideas realized.

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“Nothing can ever, ever defeat a liberal London single woman.”As she returned home from several imprisoned weeks in Thailand, half smiling as always.
I love this blond girl, constantly amused and entirely enchanted throughout. Bridget Jones always takes action unexpectedly, which itself is quite expected. She’s self-independent and tough. Landing at the hogpen, embarrassing herself in the court’s party, she never feels sorry for herself. She seems awkward and unlikely to make her way around those elegant, educated women but though she seems inferior on those occasions, in my eyes she’s much stronger as she does not fear failure. Many people are strong in fear of failure,of the past or the future, but she lives for now and respond at once. Whether she wants to dump Darcy or to reconcile, she instantly goes to him’s without thinking. I really have no idea where her permanent confidence comes from. We usually build up confidence by success or fake it out to achieve something hard, but she’s a high spirit in her vein and nothing can bring it to knee. She adapts herself to the situation swiftly. In prison, she gets along with female prisoners as soon and makes the best of the awful life there however bad the situation is.Just imagine the picture of a British girl whirling and laughing in a Thai prison with her bra in hand. Any other girl would make it disgusting but in Jones’s case, I kind of admire her. It’s not hard for a girl to drown herself in alcohol and cigarette and involve herself in futureless physical relationships, but it’s not at all easy for her to still hope for happiness.
I have to say, apperantly, Jones is everything in opposition to Darcy. One as a far-from-professional journalist, while the other as a promised lawyer. Jones shouts at and confronts Darcy when she speculates about him while Darcy holds his tongue to show anger. Jones is never lacking in facial expressions while Darcy keeps his poke face even proposing, as at the end of the movie.The difference between the future couple is exactly a vivid account of disparity betweent two classes. The company they keep, the topics they talk, the manners they display and especially the way they want to raise the child. Family tradition to go to Ethen, typical upper-class.
This does remind me of one episode in Downton where house maid Etho decides to raise her bastard herself against all odds when the child’s grandfather promises him a decent life on the condition that the son and the mother shall never meet again. Why social mobility is hard to achieve is more than a question of ability but more about willingness. The deep-rooted distinction (here,mother love &education) of values is more essential and harder to tackle. The lower class,if to use the phrase, put stability and family in the first place, while the upper class, usually more civilized in all aspects of life, pursue personal development, no matter career, dream, knowledge or whatever. I am sure this is no more than a personal opinion and a dangerous generalization but what dawns on me is that there shouldn’t be a correct answer. I have been taught to aim high, that is, to get myself civilized, and strive for success, that is, to do good to civilization. I almost always doubt the purpose of quality time with family or friends and prefer to shut myself in my room to read on my major. But I am more and more finding that maybe I am straying away from what it means to be human. “They know life better than we do”, as Cora’s American mother put it. I am not labeling myself as a so-called upper class member, which is of course far from the truth. I am just trying to understand the values I happened to pick up on my way to maturity. The world has been changed just recently, by technology, science, commerce or so. Dare we say what most of us are doing most of the day is really what human life should be like? And those ancient heritages, usually more inherited by lower-class families are really something inessencial, ignorant and trivial? Why must I admire a scientist who didn’t sleep the whole week to conduct his important research but feel pity for a shepherd whose only concerns are sheep under the white clouds and blue sky?The species of humen have been living for hundreds of thousands of years and civcilization is just one tiny bit of it. But here it is obviously Jones who gets a bargin in their relationship from any possible perspective. Our instinct tells us to climb up in social positions.
Maybe I am making too big a thing of it and civilization is still a part of nature and there is no intrinsic difference between the values we hold among classes. But I am really curious about how Jones and Darcy get to fall in love with each other, which the movie didn’t give much account of. It’s just before we know it, they have already had a thing, which seemed unnatural. And afterwards we just watch a lot of how Jones feels about the relationship but hardly the relationship itself, making the character of Darcy quite remote from the audience. Maybe that’s partly because the movie puts too much emphasis on Cleaver’s part and the sparkle of love between Daniel and the heroine makes the one between Darcy and Jones vanishes a bit. For me, it seems if not for Cleaver’s profligacy sexually or just speaking of personality, Cleaver enchants Jones more than Darcy does.But with a second thought, I think, although wearing an unfeeling expression, Darcy is indeed much,much deeper in love with Jones and absolutely a much,much more glamourous man than the damn Cleaver.
And to do with some intercultrural reflection, apart from the typical but not that stereotopic images of Thailand, there is one thing that captured my attention, that is, how television programs work in Britain.Firstly, they do not rehearse or edit but preserve the whole truth. Secondly, they are always trying to come up with new ideas and compliment the original. I hope we Chinese TV companies can learn from how they do it, not only what they do.
All in all, it is a nice movie. I not only had fun with our cute heroine but also got a casual but vivid look at British social environment. Look forward to the next episode...

If this is a truth maybe we should start a class to teach people how to feel happy and satisfied. More happiness less pain.

“The core of human spirit comes from new experiences.” “You are wrong if you think the joy of life comes principally from human relationships. God’s placed it all around us. It’s in everything, in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at these things.” I was much relieved when I heard him say this. I think of all my indulgence. It’s like my whole world is centered on my feelings towards a relationship. But that’s not true. All my sufferings are real, but those are only clouds that are passing by and I’ve got a whole sky.

be a better yourself

Beth said that I thought what we have done is for our child but we just never gave her anything. So we’d better cherish each other to prove that the choice without abortion is right.

Chris is so loved by many people. They want to help him, do a lot of things for him. They know his master plan and insights on life. Chris is kind and nice. He also believes in helping people in need. He said killing the cow was the biggest mistake he made in life. He gave his last quarter to the man next to him at the phone booth so that that man can finish his call. He donated all his savings to the charity. There’s no reason I don’t love this guy. He is too good to be true.

1. Today is Tuesday, October 24, 2017, it’s sunny outside, but still cold. I haven’t seen the sunshine for several days, so it’s acomparatively a nice day.

Not every child was born with blessing. Better to say, we want to make babies less fear of the realistic world so we make up many romantic stories to tell them. And when they find out the truth of the world they will fell despair and anger

“Happiness is only real when shared.” My tears are salty.

First, let’s look at the contents of Mr. Xiaolai’s column The Journey to Financial Freedom I reviewed today, it’s still about sense of security.

.“we bury ourselves. I want to say that life is just so and we all will die. Come on let’s watch tv

a. Many people said that their heavies burden is the expectations from their parents, because their parents hope they can live in a stable way so they can feel secure. But actually, their real burden is that the sense of security from obeying their parents’ arrangements. And in fact, they enjoy this kind of sense of security and they blame it to their parents and say they have no choice.

.“this world still has hope despite so much despair.”

Mr. Xiaolai said that parents’ disagreements and objection are the best test for you to see that if you really want to live the way you want, have the life you dreamt, if you have the guts or courage to face your own life without any help, make your own decision, and most importantly, be fully responsible to your decision and choice.

That’s one of greatness of human being, I think——people never totally lose hope.

Actually, my father always wanted me to be a teacher in a public school for the past years and he often talked about that being a teacher is the best choice for girls and you can live in a stable life with stable salary, and you can get all kinds of insurance.

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I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to him and got into a public school, even though I didn’t know what do I want at that time, but I did know that what I don’t want, so I keep on being myself. And now, I feel life is full of energy and hope, and I have the possibility to do what I really want to do, and live life in the way I always have in my mind.

If you don’t have the courage to say no to your parents and anyone who wants you to be the person they are satisfied with, that means maybe you just want that kind of life in your deeper mind and you are afraid of fighting for your wanted life, because you let the others decide your life and you should bear it without complaining.

b. Many people worried that they would be ridiculed by others if they say something or do something, for avoiding these, they never take action or take their first step. The best way to solve this problem is that you will never ridicule others and eliminate the idea or concept of “ridiculing” or “mocking” out of your mind thoroughly.

Yes, we are what we think. And the others are the reflection of ourselves (the others just are the mirrors, everything you see on them is from yourself), you see someone has some problems and something you hate, the truth is you are hating yourselves, you have the exactly same problems as the others, you just didn’t notice or find out.

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